request to pay roundtable | utilities

, 21 February, 219 - 17:0

Pay.UK are aiming to launch the Request to Pay service in Q2 2019, and in preparation the Request to Pay team have commissioned research agency Ipsos Mori to conduct a series of independent roundtables with stakeholders across several different sectors.

The roundtables will be an opportunity for stakeholders to find out more about Request to Pay, express their views of the proposition and the opportunities that it will create, and identify potential barriers to its implementation (as well as routes to overcome these).

The output of these roundtables will be a report detailing the findings from this research. We still have availability for the following sessions, which will be held at 3TMS (Ipsos’ offices).

If you are an organisation or have any customers (or relationships with organisations) that fit into utility industry, and would benefit from finding out more about Request to Pay, then please get in touch through the Contact Us page and register for the event on the 21st February 2019.